Student Competition

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What does it take to get started?

1. Form a team with at least 3 students

2. Brainstorm ideas for how to solve a current problem or challenge in global health (for ideas on challenges, see below)

3. Design a project using one of the applications forms below and include an optional video to highlight your ideas

4. Submit your initial project proposal by December 15, 2011

Global Health Nexus Be the Change student competition is a contest for high school, community college and undergraduate university students in Washington state to advance solutions, awareness and innovation in global health.

Prizes include cash awards, letters of accomplishment from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, presentation of awards at a VIP ceremony as part of the Next Fifty Celebration at Seattle Center in July 2012, and more. Finalists will have their project showcased in the Global Classroom and winners will have the opportunity to tour and visit with some of the biggest names in the field.

Click here for a copy of the Competition Flyer and a full description of the submission process, including judging categories, entry requirements and eligibility. Details on judging criteria are available here.

Interested? Register here by sending your name, school and contact information in order to receive updates and notices about the competition.

Get creative! Projects will be accepted from a variety of disciplines: science, technology, social media, multi-media, the arts, language, education and more. We’re not looking for a research report but innovative, sustainable solutions. How will you change the world?

Video submissions are optional for round 1 but why not give it a go? Create something that describes or highlights your project ideas.

For a list of dates and deadlines, click here.

Application form for high school teams.

Application form for community college and university teams.

Questions? Want a global health expert as a project advisor? Send an e-mail to and we will respond as soon as possible.

Challenge ideas:

Projects should address a challenge in one of the following categories:

1. Programmatic tools and solutions- For example, develop a new idea for delivering clean water, change behaviors by performing a community play, or develop a mobile app to locate health interpreters.

2. Engagement and awareness- For example, design a media strategy for a global health organization, create an initiative to promote World Malaria Day, or build a database with opportunities for young people to get involved.

Global Health exhibits at Next Fifty will focus on these four critical areas:

Maternal and child health
Access to clean water

Design a project in one of these areas, or choose another global health challenge that inspires you.

Having a hard time deciding on a challenge to tackle? We’ve asked some of our local experts for current problems that could use your creative problem solving and listed them here.

Resources: Find resources here and here to get you started. The New York Times published an article on low cost innovations in the fight against cervical cancer ( 9/26/2011) that is also an inspiring read.