Forks Over Knives – Holy Cow

Forks Over Knives…this is something you MUST see.

I watched this movie a year ago now and I cannot even tell you the difference it has made in my life. To say that the information revealed in the movie is revolutionary is grossly over stated.

What makes this movie so special? Well, for one thing, they show how to turn on and off cancer. Read that sentence again. And this is not some BS study done on 10 people. This is a study done on thousands of people and rats for years and years. These studies are reviewed by peers. This is the real deal. This is not something you read in the latest 12 step health book. These are real doctors with decades of experience with this stuff.

Now, I don’t want to give away the movie, because the solutions are so simple that you will write them off because you want something more complicated. For some reasons, humans are always searching for “the secret.” And unfortunately, to find “the secret” you have to skip over common sense on your way there.

I cannot beg you enough to watch this movie for you and your family. Personally I have bought additional copies and have given them to friends and family members. And every person who watches this is completely stunned at how life changing this information is. My own mentor changed his eating habits right away, and every time I talk to him, he tells me how much better he feels living this lifestyle. Please, please, please watch this movie.

Its Time To Re-Think Everything

Have you ever had that dream…or seen that movie, when someone mentions that it’s time to re-think everything…it’s time challenge everything you’ve ever been taught.

I know I’ve done that a few times in my life. One was definitely religion based based…

But I also just read a book from Jason Vale called Slim 4 Life and it made me do just that…re-think everything…not only that, but it totally wrecked my mind.

Here is one of Jason’s Videos…you’ll see just how much energy this dude has…

So as you’ll probably notice, he’s big into juicing. But this isn’t just some juicing diet.

Most of his book is actually about the mindset. One of my favorites mindsets to take away from this book if that we all know what to eat and what not to eat…and that we need to exercise, yet we don’t KNOW WHY we do these things even when we know we are not supposed to.

The psychological side of this book is just fantastic. And Jason is a guy who had to go through all the same struggles we all do. So it’s very easy to relate to him. I’d say, next time instead of trying to find weight loss and healthy tips from these guys: Health Magazine, pick up Jason’s books and delve into a new universe or health info that is changing the world.